General terms and conditions

The following General terms and conditions shall apply to participants of the FESSH-EFSHT CONGRESS 2020 hereafter called «congress»:

Registration is binding. Participation fees are due prior to the opening of the congress and have to be
paid by credit card or bank transfer.

Modification & Cancellation of registration
All modifications or cancellations must be notified in writing by e-mail to the congress organisation (Medworld AG).
Cancellations received before or on 20 April 2020 will be refunded for 100%
Cancellations received before or on 31 July 2020 will be refunded for 80%
Cancellations received after 31 July 2020 will not be refunded.

Cancellation of the FESSH Party
In case of cancellation of the FESSH Party until 31 July 2020, deposits will be refunded less an administration fee of EUR 20. If cancellation for the FESSH Party is received after the 31 July 2020 or in case of absence/failure to show up, party fees are not refunded/remain due.

These conditions apply to all reasons leading to inability to attend the conference, including for example illness, accident, etc.

Protection of privacy
All personal information is treated with strict confidentiality. As a matter of principle the information gathered will not be disclosed to third parties and only used in connection with the congress. Medworld is acting as an intermediate party and will provide the personal data to FESSH and its management office (Asszisztencia Kft.) for keeping congress statistics, issuing CME certification, sending FESSH newsletters and FESSH congress alerts.

Safety regulations and implementing rules
Upon registration participants acknowledge the regulations regarding safety, access and other implementing rules related to the congress and declare to agree that she/he may be excluded from the congress without compensation in the event that these regulations are not adhered to.

Cancellation of the congress
Should the congress be cancelled (for reasons other than force majeure), participants may apply for a refund of the amount already paid to the congress organisers within 30 days following the announcement of the cancellation. The amount already paid will be entirely refunded.

Force majeure
If political or economic incidents, pandemia or force majeure in general prevent the congress from taking place or impede it, participants are not entitled to claim damages from the event organiser.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. Each participant is liable for all injury to persons or
damage to property he or she causes.

Place of delivery and jurisdiction
In case of disagreements, the contract parties are subject to due process course of law of the canton
of Zug. Only Swiss law is applicable in court.

Steinhausen, March 2020

Congress organisation:
Medworld AG
Sennweidstrasse 46
CH-6312 Steinhausen
Phone +41 41 748 23 00